About Us

Naturesafers is owned by Naturesafers Medical Shopping Mall. Naturesafers is an online medical hub that provides its customers/clients/members with their health needs. Naturesafers reserves the right to change or add to 'About us' when they deem necessary and such addition or change takes effect once same is uploaded on the website without any prior notification.

Objectives and goals

Naturesafers wishes to satisfy its clients/customers/members with health needs by the following method/achieving the following objectives

  1. Online and offline sales and supply of supplements(drug and food),cosmetics of all kind, medical equipments,medical literature, etc.
  2. Sales and supply of orthodox drugs online when such becomes legalized in the country, and also offline sales and supply.
  3. Online and offline counseling of clients on their health challenges.
  4. Naturesafers supplies you with your supplements, cosmetics of all kinds, medical equipments, medical literature etc at your doorsteps.
  5. Naturesafers assists client in solving their over all health challenges.
  6. Refers clients to specialists needed for any health challenge.
We are here to serve you.